With our sincere gratitude and appreciation we wish to thank all of the following who donated their time and materials to the ABC Extreme Makeover Chicken Coop Edition:

Home Builders and Contractors Association of Brevard
Habitat for Humanity – Bruce Callahan
Space Coast Youth Build
Edward Jaynes and Co.
Village Flooring and Decorating Center
Dave Rainer – NASA
Jay Edinger CPA
Action Aluminum – Eric Geier
Island Custom Craftsmen Inc – Mark Anglin
Tractor Supply
Lydia Prussel
Debbie Guttersen
John Stevenson
Dream Makers Farm Supply
Prosource of Brevard Inc.
DAT Woodworking – Dale Hoffman
Color Wheel Paints
Tom and Betsy Franz
Global Building Supply, Inc.
G&G Roofing, Inc.
Bradco Supply
Waterfront Solutions Inc. – Don Nesbitt
NSync – Keith Shook
84 Lumber Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grossman – Chicken Wranglers
Regina Rummelhoff
Buzz Lightyear – “to infinity and beyond”

Sincerely, David and Cindy Foley

 You've always wanted to know more about native Florida landscaping? Stop by the Green Marketplace out on Adamson Road, across the street from the Brevard County Landfill.  Operated by Kari Ruder, she's got a great newsletter she'd be glad to share with you via e mail. www.naturewiseplants.com is her web site or e mail her at naturewise@earthlink.net.

What is a Florida native plant? For most purposes, the phrase Florida native plant refers to those species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation.  More specifically, it includes those species understood as indigenous, occurring in natural association in habitats that aexisted prior to significant human impacat and alterations of the landscape. - Florida Native Plant Society

Did you know that non native species eventually over grow and clog out native species?

Do you have an over abundance of mosquitos in your yard? Have you ever thought of building a bat box and hanging it in your yard?  Bats love mosquitos and what a natural way to rid yourself of the insects.  You can download free bat box plans from Google or call us at Home Solution Specialists and we'll build you one for $24.95. 321-632-4530.

GET RID OF YOUR GRASS:  Turfgrass consuumes more than one third of our drinking water supply and results in the dangerous, unhealthy and wasteful use of chemicals and fossil fuels. Homeowners can immediatel held themselves and our environment by greatly reducing or eliminating turfgrass from the landscape. Replace turfgrass with native plants and mulched or shell pathways wherever possible. Ask your local AFNN (Association of Florida Native Nurseries) nursery & landscape specialist for assistance in getting rid of your grass.

Native plants attract hundreds of bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects critically important to our flower and food crops. Examples of native plants: Passion Flower - the Gulf Fritillary butterfly lays its eggs on native passionflower; Muhly grass, moderately salt tolerant, extremely drought tolerant; Creeping Charlie; host plant for buckeye, white peacock and phaon crescent butterflies; also a nectar plant.

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